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Our best travel memories

One of our favorite destination is Oahu.

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My Background

Can you be an adventurer and a mom in her 40s? I am a dreamer, explorer and storyteller. 

Born In Paris to Thai parents, Hong Kong and USA educated, now a Portland based flight attendant, traveler,speaker and most importantly mother to my 3 kids and wife to the most supportive husband.

I grew up speaking thai at home, english in school and cantonese on the streets of Hong Kong. French became my favorite language after spending my summers in Paris. I am addicted to seeing other countries and culture and learning new things.

How and Why I Got Started

I was bitten with the travel bug at a very young age. My mother worked for Thai Airways and took me all over the world. I thought the adventure and travel part in me was long gone when I became a stay at home mom of three kids - but then , life has a mysterious way of opening doors for you that you thought were closed. I applied for my  dream job to become a flight attendant to give my family the GIFT of travel. My family is my WHY - because to travel is to live, to understand other cultures is how we can change the world and to appreciate what you have . This is only possible when you open your eyes to travel. The best lessons take place outside the classroom.

Social Media Online Course

I love social media and how an average stay at home mom like me in her 40s can build an online business. 

I started speaking two years ago on how to brand using social media and now 

I  have created a course designed to help anyone who would like to build their brand using social media. Please click on the link


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